No matter your age, everyone wants to eat good food that both nutritious and delicious. It’s a fundamental joy in our lives. Dining at Randall Residence of Sterling Heights is more than just a meal, it’s an experience. From servers who know you so well they anticipate your wishes, to seasonal menus, and local produce, you’ll quickly discover why dining at Randall Residence of Sterling Heights is so remarkable.

Join Us for a Meal

**No available at this time, due to COVID-19.**

If you or a senior loved one is considering a move to Randall Residence of Sterling Heights, we invite you to experience our dining program. Please call to schedule a time when you can be our guest for lunch or dinner. We are confident you will enjoy it so much you will ask to come again.

Memory Care Dining

For those with memory loss, focusing on a meal or eating can be hard. Loss of appetite, lack of interest in meals, and denying offers to eat are common. To encourage nutrition, we offer family-style dining that is familiar to seniors and finger foods throughout the day for those who like to grab and go. And, most important, we provide respect. Our residents aren’t children, and we won’t treat them like they are.

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Please make sure she [Pashke] knows how special, valued, & appreciated her commitment to my dad and our family has been all these years. She is a KEEPER!

- Linda H., Daughter of Resident

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