About Randall Residence

The Randall family has been developing and operating senior living communities for more than three generations, beginning with the first purpose-built nursing care community in Michigan, established by Randall Residence’s co-founder Chuck Randall’s mother. Today, our family-owned and operated business is at the forefront of compassionate quality care, and we remain committed to building remarkable communities that give older adults the opportunity to flourish.

Our Core Values

Prioritizing Relationships

At Randall Residence, we believe the strongest bonds are built on trust, transparency, and a commitment to open communication, and that relationships of care and respect enrich the lives of our staff and our residents.

Ready for Company

Randall Residence believes in providing our team members with the knowledge and tools necessary to anticipate needs, identify challenges, and handle problems quickly and with ease.

Be Remarkable

Everyone at Randall Residence – from caregivers to chefs to management and up – is proud of the company culture we have built, and we continue to believe in each other and in our pursuit of excellence. It is our desire at the end of each day to have created something positive for residents and their families – something worth talking about.

Why Choose Randall?

Randall Residence communities offer a quality of living like no other – don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews. In addition to spacious apartments and Villas that are designed to impress, we offer support services and care a la carte, making it easy to age in place without costly buy-in pricing – because remarkable living should be available to everyone, wherever they are on their life’s journey. A building is just a building, but it’s the people who work at Randall Residence that truly make us special.

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Ready to learn more? Contact the Randall Residence community nearest you to learn more about the level of care you are looking for.