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COVID-19 UPDATE 3 /23/20

As we head into another week of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to make the residents and associates our top priority.   Over the weekend we tested our policies and internal notification systems and found that they are working effectively.  We continue to follow guidelines issued by federal, state, and local officials.

We are mindful that we are asking a lot of our associates.  Even though everyone else is required to shelter in place, our associates are considered “critical infrastructure workers" and not subject to that order.  As a thank you for their dedication, resilience, and the potential danger to their own health, we have increased their hourly wages while the shelter in place orders are in effect in each state.

Just as hospitals are preparing for the unknown, we are doing the same.  If you sew, we would appreciate your help making these face masks.   Once completed, please deliver to our drop off location near the front entrance. 

My faith in our collective ability to maneuver through crisis remains unshaken and we remain steadfast in our commitment to taking care of seniors. 

Christopher Randall, CEO

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/20/20

As the number of cases of COVID-19 increase we continue to be vigilant in our procedures.   In some locations, other senior living communities near us have confirmed cases, but NONE are in our buildings.  With each confirmed case in close proximity to a Randall Residence, we review our work force and our visiting medical professionals to identify any possible correlations that could be carriers of the virus. 

We have inventoried our Personnel Protective Equipment and are working with national and local suppliers to continue to strengthen our stock.  Hand sanitizer has become unavailable through normal purchasing channels, but several of our communities have found a new supplier – a brewery!

All Randall Residences are advertising for additional employees to add to our existing team of amazing associates.   We have truly been impressed by the team work and dedication of our employees.  We are grateful for their commitment, their creativity, and their love of seniors.

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/18/20

Residents and associates at all Randall Residence locations have settled into a new routine.  Associates and medical professional visitors are all screened prior to entry, and turned away when necessary.  Protocols continue to be tweaked, for example, in most cases mail delivery is done at the front door; package deliveries are made to a designated area outside the building (or in a vestibule); group activities are limited to small numbers, etc.

The dining experience has changed and varies by specific location (building layouts, eating assistance, etc all factor into the specific plans).  The common changes are staggered meal times, social distancing, and new dining locations.  For specific changes, contact the residence directly.  Our goal is to ensure health and safety while still allowing the residents to have a social opportunity.  Not only do we want to keep COVID-19 out of the buildings, we also want to keep depression at a minimum.

We continue to follow CDC and State guidelines and are preparing for the unknowns. 

Many of you have communicated words of appreciation for our associates and the dramatic measures we are taking.  We truly appreciate each message and it helps us get through each day.

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/16/20

Changes to policies are minimal today.  Our first few days have gone well and the systems are working properly.  Here’s a review:

Residents will now have their temperature taken daily.  Anything over 100.4 will require immediate isolation and a call to their physician and designated contact.

We continue to screen employees and are taking the necessary steps to address any issues with signs and symptoms.

Any professional in the building will be required to give us their phone number in the case of an outbreak.

A communication plan is ready in the case of a positive test result in a building.

We are reviewing the possibility of closing dining rooms and delivering all meals to resident apartments (consideration is given to those who need assistance with eating). 

Additionally, we are looking at the possibility of canceling group activities.

If you need assistance communicating with your loved one, please contact the residence and they will assist you with FaceTime/Skype/etc.

We continue to take guidance from the CDC and state regulatory agencies on these measures and will keep you informed of any changes.

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/13/20

Based on recommendations from government agencies we no longer allow ANY visitors.  If you have questions about this policy, see the Executive Director.

We continue to screen all staff and healthcare workers upon entrance to the building, so that they can effectively provide the care that is necessary for the health and safety of our Residents.

Thank you for your understanding as we do everything we can to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19 and keep our seniors safe.

Life just got better.

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