Senior Living in Lawton, MI


December 8, 2020

Dear Randall Residence Team:

A few weeks ago we, as a healthcare industry, were offered the option to opt-in or out of the COVID-19 vaccine program. We chose to opt-in and have partnered with a local pharmacy to provide the vaccine clinic. As we prepare for that we have information for you to review. 

We have all worked diligently to keep everyone safe from this virus. We feel this is one additional layer of protection that we can provide and as healthcare workers we have a duty to remain vigilant in our own health as well as protecting those we serve. 

The CDC website is a great resource for more detailed information regarding the vaccine, we encourage you to review this information.  CDC Facts about COVID-19 Vaccinations , CDC Frequently asked questions about COVID-19 Vaccinations 

We do not know the current availability and timelines, but as soon as we know a date for the vaccine clinic we will communicate with you.


Christopher C. Randall, CEO