Senior Living in Lawton, MI

Independent Living

Choosing independent living at a Randall Residence means life enrichment, security and freedom from household chores. No more worries about shoveling snow or mowing the yard. You will finally have time to call your own.

Whether that means time to pursue volunteer opportunities, travel to visit the grandkids more often or take advantage of on-site continuing education classes, independent living is whatever you make it!

Independent Living Services

Our private retirement apartments offer older adults in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio maintenance-free living in a safe and secure environment. Each resident has their own private apartment with access to many on-site amenities including:

  • Life enrichment activities ranging from physical fitness classes to spiritual opportunities, art classes, language classes and much more.
  • Call assistance in the event you experience an emergency or need help.
  • Hassle-free living in an environment where maintenance, repairs, and housekeeping responsibilities are provided for you.

You and your family will also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing additional services are available if your needs for care change in the future.

Visit the Randall Residence Near You

If you or the senior you love are ready for the freedom an independent living community can provide, we encourage you to call the Randall Residence nearest you. We’ll be glad to show you around and help you prepare for the next chapter in life!

Independent living couple enjoying life at Randall senior living.