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Assisted Living Center in Lawton

White Oaks, a Randall Residence, is located in the village of Lawton, just minutes from Paw Paw, Decatur and Mattawan. The quiet, rural setting is appreciated by those who live and work in these communities. Living at White Oaks offers residents a chance to continue friendships they have had for a lifetime.

White Oaks opened its doors in 1975. Under continuous family ownership it has undergone additions and updates and was recently refurbished. With 70 private suites, White Oaks offers the opportunity of maintaining an active, independent lifestyle without the burden of caring for everyday duties. Hawthorn Hall, located within White Oaks, offers seniors with dementia an opportunity to enjoy life while providing families and caregivers peace of mind knowing that their loved one is in a safe and supportive environment.

At White Oaks we delight in providing quality care with respect and friendship. We recognize that each resident wants independence while receiving just the care they need. You will find that our smiling caregivers listen compassionately to concerns and cheerfully care for the daily worries like housekeeping, meal preparation and maintenance, as well as the bigger concerns like your health care, wellness and happiness.  Collaborating with medical providers and family, we work towards stabilizing health and keeping residents safe.

Don't just take our word for what White Oaks is like, come and see for yourself.

Enjoy some some fun we had recently at White Oaks Retirement Residence!

The Wiker Award 2014 recipient at Randall Residence

The Wiker Service Award was created in 2009 in the memory of long-time White Oaks employee, Dottie Wiker. Wiker worked for Randall Residence for 25 years and was known for her attention to resident details, and a constant smile. Employees from all eight of the Randall Residences (Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois) are eligible to be nominated for the award. A trophy with the winner's name will remain on display at the winning residence for a year.


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Randall Residences are focused on providing an environment for seniors that we would be proud to have our parents or grandparents live in. We believe the individualized, quality care that we provide is some of the best that you can find. Staff longevity is the norm and listening to the needs and concerns of residents is our mission.

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White Oaks provides senior living options designed to accommodate your lifestyle. We offer exceptional care, wellness programs, and social activities in a family atmosphere to create a community you enjoy calling home. Our team of dedicated and compassionate staff are there when you need them.

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Learn more about our community and what makes us the right choice for you or your loved one. At White Oaks in Van Buren County we pride ourselves on our commitment to your care while creating a vibrant community that feels like home.