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Randall Residence Senior Care and Assisted Living

Randall Residence is a management company that provides quality leadership for senior living in the Midwest. We have a history of successful experience in active, hands-on management, local community involvement, and satisfied customers including residents, family members, staff team members and investors. With a focus on getting to know seniors and what we can do to meet their needs, we continue to grow while still maintaining our standard of excellence. It is our goal to exceed personal expectations in the care of residents, state inspections, financial decisions, treatment of staff, and program development.

Randall Residence focuses on delighting each resident. Our individualized, professional care with a personal touch is vital to the residents and offers peace of mind to their families.

From Our Family to Yours »


The Randalls welcome residents as family. They take great satisfaction in the expressed appreciation of residents and family members, viewing their occupation as a very fulfilling mission. They understand the principle of improving your own life by making a difference in the life of another!

The Wiker Award »

Randall Residence Wiker Award


The Wiker Service Award was created in 2009 in the memory of long-time White Oaks employee, Dottie Wiker. Wiker worked for Randall Residence for 25 years and was known for her attention to resident details, and a constant smile. Employees from all Randall Residences are eligible to be nominated for the award. 

Why Randall Residence? »


Everyone smiles here!” is frequently heard. The residents, the staff, and their families all wear the signature Randall Residence accessory — a smile! It may be the attention to each resident’s details, the desire to delight, the staff-longevity, or the pleasure of enjoying a parent without the stresses of daily concerns. Whatever it may be, you’re sure to see it too. Come see our smiles.