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Randall Residence Announces Winner of 2016 Wiker Service Award


The Wiker Service Award was created in memory of long-time Randall Residence employee, Dottie Wiker. Dottie was a member of the Randall Residence team in Michigan for 25 years. She was known for her attention to resident details and her constant sunny smile.


Choosing the Wiker Service Award Winner


Employees from all nine of the Randall Residences in Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois are eligible to be nominated for the award. Criteria that are used to select a winner include the nominee’s commitment to:


  • Treating each resident with dignity and respect in care planning and implementation
  • Protecting residents’ rights to privacy
  • Fostering independence for each resident
  • Helping family and friends remain involved in their senior loved one’s life and care, when appropriate
  • Promoting the individuality of each resident
  • Helping to provide a safe and supportive environment
  • Allowing residents a choice of care and lifestyle
  • Enjoyment in caring for residents

This year there were 139 nominees for the Wicker Service Award from all 9 Randall Residences.  Karin Hall was chosen as the winner for 2016.  There were three additional finalists:  Robert Jackson, Governor's Pointe; Sheila Roncone, Villa at the Lake; and June Sackett, Villa at the Lake.

Meet the 2016 Wicker Service Award Winner

Karin’s commitment to older adults dates back to her early teen years. When she was 14, Karin started working part-time in the kitchen of the nursing home.  At 16, she was promoted to a part-time care manager position.

Residents, families and staff alike say that Karin “lights up the room.” Her compassion, ability to listen and talent for making people laugh have made Karin a beloved member of the Randall Residence memory care team. In fact, it’s common to see residents following her around the community throughout the day.

Karin also has a knack for being able to anticipate resident needs. It might be that someone needs a hug, a gentle touch or some quiet time alone to listen to soft music.  In describing her relationship with memory care residents, one family member called her “a gift.” A fellow staff member called Karin “my hero.”

We congratulate Karin and the other finalists and thank them for their commitment to our residents!

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