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Healthy Meal Planning for Single Seniors

Cooking as a single senior can be tricky. At times, it may even seem pointless, especially if you are used to cooking for others. Not only can purchasing foods in smaller quantities be more expensive, but the process can also take longer and result in more waste. This causes many seniors to forgo fresh meals and choose foods that are more convenient.

Unfortunately, most “convenience” foods are full of preservatives and lack many nutrients aging bodies need to thrive. With a little planning and preparation, single seniors can find ways to meet their nutrition requirements.

4 Healthy Meal Planning Tips for Single Seniors

1. Single meal planning

Meeting nutrition requirements isn’t always easy for seniors who live alone. Single meal planning sites help by providing recipes created for one person. Their meals are designed to save singles time and money while minimizing waste. By using these sites to plan, seniors are more likely to make healthier decisions as opposed to grabbing packaged foods last minute.

The Fresh 20, for example, offers a program called “the Fresh 20 for One.” This program gives you access to healthy one-serving recipes, along with shopping lists. One Dish Kitchen is another site that caters to singles.

2. Meal kit delivery services

Meal kit delivery services deliver recipes along with the ingredients for healthy meals. This can be helpful for seniors who can’t make it to the grocery store often or don’t want to spend a lot of time meal planning.

HelloFresh and Home Chef, for example, deliver meal kits that take no longer than 30 minutes to make. The ingredients arrive pre-portioned, so they require little to no prep time. You can even customize your kit to accommodate specialty diets like low-carb or dairy-free.

3. Home delivery meal services

Home delivery meal services provide meals that are already prepared and cooked. Home delivery meal services can help seniors who are unable to cook safely due to physical or mental limitations.

Silver Cuisine is a meal delivery service that creates meals specifically for adults over 65 years old. Seniors can select a plan that is heart healthy, diabetic, low-sodium, or gluten-free. When the meals arrive, they only need to be heated before they are ready to eat.

4. Restaurant delivery services

Restaurant delivery services allow you to order food from local restaurants and have it delivered straight to your door. Food delivery services can give seniors more options and enable them to receive food within minutes. This can be a good option for seniors who need ready-to-eat food.

GrubHub and DoorDash allow you to order and pay for food directly from an app. You can choose from a variety of local restaurants, and the food will be delivered to your location within a given time frame.

The Importance of Nutrition

A healthy diet is essential for people of all ages, but more so for older adults. Skipping fresh foods can lead to malnourishment and can negatively affect your physical and mental well-being. By taking advantage of meal services, single seniors can ensure they consume the nutrition they need to live their best life.

Randall Residence Encourages a Healthy Diet

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