Senior Living in Lawton, MI

SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

Sign up for your Outdoor Visit at the link below.  Specific instructions will be given before each visit and we ask that you please follow the rules as we all try to keep our residents safe.

Governor’s Pointe 
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Randall Residence of Centerville
Randall Residence of Decatur - Independent Living; Assisted Living & Memory Care
Randall Residence of Tipp City - Assisted Living, Memory Care
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White Oaks
Lakeshore Woods

JUNE 25, 2020

It’s hard to believe that we are in the fourth month of living with COVID-19.  We are grateful that no residents, across all 13 Randall Residences in three states, have had COVID.  Less than one percent of our employees have tested positive (we have over 800 employees), and all have recovered. Each positive test has been communicated within 24-hours to the associated Residence (if you have not heard from us regarding a positive test, your location has remained COVID free).

We continue to review our procedures and adjust as needed.  Based on State Licensing guidelines, outdoor visits began a couple weeks ago in Ohio and are going well. It’s been wonderful to see families reunite.  Illinois begins outdoor visits in the next couple of days. Michigan has received no updates on when this might occur, but we are optimistic.  Please do your part to obey the numerous rules for these visits. We are doing everything we can to keep the residents safe, and allowing visitors is risky if the rules are not followed.

On a fun note, we are getting positive national attention for our COVID response and visitation stories.  Recently we were featured in a Wall Street Journal article as well as numerous local television and print outlets.

Thank you for your continued encouragement of our teams. Each note and gift of appreciation touch each one of us in a special way.

Christopher C. Randall, CEO



Thank you for your patience and understanding during this health crisis. We are excited yet cautious about the recent decision by the State of Ohio to allow for visitation. We intend to communicate next week about how that will occur and we hope that you can connect with your resident soon.

Additionally, we want to let you know that we were contacted by the Miami County Department of Health regarding broad based testing of employees. You may have heard that Ohio nursing homes are undergoing broad based testing of residents, but at the moment that excludes assisted living communities.  

In conjunction with Miami County we are going to conduct testing on all employees to give us a baseline of their current status. We want to assure you this is not a result of any known possible exposure, but is being used as a tool to understand the impact of the COVID-19 spread. At this time, employees only will be tested and results will be reviewed in conjunction with Miami County.

We are not doing broad based testing of residents at this time. We have had NO signs, symptoms or other known exposures. We know that resident testing may be required by the State of Ohio at some point, if and when this occurs we will communicate with you.

As we work through each of these steps we know that it can add fear and anxiety, but we want to make sure we maintain open, honest and transparent communication with you. As always, should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.

Connie Rozell, Executive Director, Randall Residence of Tipp City
Christopher C. Randall, CEO, Randall Residence


It is exciting to hear that Governor DeWine will allow senior living communities to have outdoor visitation beginning Monday, June 8, 2020.  We are looking forward to residents reuniting with their loved ones.

The Governor’s announcement requires each community to develop COVID-19 screening procedures, set visitation hours and social distancing guidelines.  We are currently discussing the specifics of what this looks like and how best to provide meaningful interaction, while continuing to protect the residents from COVID-19.  So far, our protocols, vigilance, and prayer have kept the virus from entering our communities and we want to maintain this safe environment for your loved one. We are pleased to report that NO residents throughout our 13 communities (nearly 1000 residents) have tested positive.

Thank you for your patience and understanding these past 3 months, and we ask for your continued cooperation as we strive to keep all the residents COVID free.  Next week we will communicate with you the specifics for visitation and how to schedule your visit.

Christopher C. Randall, CEO

COVID-19 UPDATE 5/15/20

It is a challenge to navigate the various phases of the pandemic and the unique re-opening recommendations in each state, specifically Ohio, Michigan and Illinois where we operate.  We anticipate Senior Living and Assisted Living being one of the last businesses to open for visitation based on the vulnerability of the residents. This understandably adds anxiety about the general welfare of your family members and we share in your desire to add better visitation and connection with your family. Each community is working through ways to add connection and your patience and understanding with that process is appreciated.

Broad based testing of Senior Living is being discussed by various local and state health officials, each with varied approaches. We will continue to provide updates on how this proceeds and what impact that may have at each Randall Residence. 

We are seeing an increase in interest in our services and want to assure you that as we schedule move-ins, your family members are first and foremost in our decision making. Pre-admission COVID testing and required quarantine are standard procedures. A similar approach for new employees is also being implemented with pre-employment testing to ensure that we can provide a safe environment for residents and co-workers. Our standard precautions continue which includes robust screening, mask wearing by staff and handwashing.

Communication will continue and remain transparent.  When or if there is a positive test at your community we will communicate directly with the Primary Contact and ask that they share with other family, as appropriate.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.


COVID-19 UPDATE 5/4/20

It’s hard to believe we are entering our 8th week of the pandemic.  We are grateful to each family and especially our team of associates for doing a remarkable job of keeping all of our residents COVID free. 

As the stress of the pandemic continues, we are sensitive to the mental health of our associates.  We are continuing to educate the team about infection control, dissuade fears and boost morale.  Here’s a fun video from some of our 800+ Randall Residence associates of how best to wash their hands.

While some businesses are opening and rules are relaxing, senior living will be one of the last businesses to re-open. We are working with local and state guidance to think through best practices. We know that you are anxious about seeing residents and so are we. We want nothing more than for everyone to be able to have visitors, but will continue to monitor this as things progress.

We remain vigilant in the care of your loved one, and appreciate your on-going cooperation in this effort.

Christopher C Randall, CEO


COVID-19 UPDATE 4/23/20 

All Randall Residence locations continue to have no cases of COVID-19 among its residents.  We have been complimented by local health departments for our strict policies and procedures.  And we continue to review these best practices and make sure that they don’t become passive, monotonous tasks over time.  If/When there is a positive case of COVID-19 in residents or associates, that residence will individually contact each residents first contact within 24 hours via phone and email.

We are very proud of the teams at each location who are truly heroes.  As you have likely seen on Facebook, life continues to be fun for our residents.  We have adapted to being physically distanced, but not socially distanced.   Despite our best efforts, we have noticed isolation fatigue and are trying to combat it by encouraging exercise, laughter, and family video calls.  Please encourage your loved one to participate.

As the Federal and State governments review how to reopen our economy, we are also assessing how we will reopen.  Based on the Phased reopening as proposed by the Federal Government, it is unlikely that we will be allowed to open our doors to visitors until Phase 3.  We agree with this slow timeline, as we feel this is the best way to protect our residents.  In March we went from 1 visitor to no visitors, and we are expecting to reopen in a reverse pattern.  Specific plans and instructions will be communicated before anyone should simply show up at the front door.

Many of you have sent notes and gifts of appreciation to our dedicated associates, for which they are truly grateful.   We thank you for your continued trust and support. 

Stay healthy and we hope to see you soon in our communities.

Christopher C. Randall, CEO


COVID-19 UPDATE 4/15/20 

We committed to ongoing transparency and communication about our efforts with the ongoing pandemic.

On Tuesday April 14, 2020 we were notified by a Randall Residence of Sterling Heights employee that they tested positive for COVID-19. The employee is quarantined and is not experiencing any symptoms.

We continue to follow the ongoing policy of screening employees. Additionally, all employees are wearing face coverings during their shift at this location as well as others. Residents continue to be monitored every shift for symptoms including elevated temperature and other signs. All residents in Sterling Heights continue to be in good health and symptom free.

We immediately contacted the Macomb County Department of Health to seek next step guidance for employees and residents. They have advised that we continue monitoring residents and employees and contact their personal physician if any symptoms appear.

Our commitment remains with the health and safety of all residents and staff and we will provide additional details as they are available.

COVID-19 UPDATE 4/3/20

For the past several weeks we have treated the pandemic as a sprint, gathering supplies, implementing safety procedures, and finding creative ways to be engaging while physically distant.  We don’t like it, but this may be our new normal for longer than we had hoped.

Specific procedures will continue as directed by each Randall Residence.  We will monitor local, state and federal agencies for best practice recommendations while always staying focused on keeping our residents and associates healthy and safe.  Corporate updates will continue to be emailed to each resident’s Primary Contact and all Associates.  These updates will be posted on our website.  We will continue to be transparent in our communication.

If there would be a COVID-19 exposure at a particular community, we will personally communicate via telephone with each resident’s Primary Contact, the Resident (if appropriate), and ALL associates working at that specific community.  

To quote our 107 year old resident who survived the Spanish Flu, “we will get through this!”

Christopher Randall, CEO

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/30/20

We continue to follow our protocols for screening employees, residents and any urgent medical visits that are required to occur. During this heightened awareness, we identified an employee who later did test positive for the COVID-19 virus. The community immediately contacted the local county board of health as well as residents, families and other staff at this community.  No additional testing was recommended at this time and currently residents are symptom free.

The health of our residents and employees is paramount and we are monitoring them closely. Our response to this occurrence by county health officials was highlighted as acting in accordance with recommendations and we are proud of the swift response taken. We have reinforced to our associates that anyone who is sick should stay home.  Resident safety has been and continues to be a top priority for Randall Residence. 

As we navigate through this pandemic, please know that we will be transparent and honest with you.

Christopher Randall, CEO

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/27/20

We are happy to report that we continue to be COVID-19 free in all Randall Residences.  The associates are very aware of the significant role they play in the health of our residents.  We’re proud of their commitment to their own health and thus the safety of everyone.

Please check with your residence prior making any plans to deliver packages or window visits.  Right now, the preferred communication is Facetime, Skype, etc.  If you need help connecting with a loved one, please let us know.

We have contacted the local health departments for advice on temperature readings, etc. and we have had excellent response from them.  We appreciate their guidance and feel confident working together.

One resident, who happens to be 107, recalls living through the Spanish Flu and offers this advice to everyone “we got through the last one, we will get through this one.”

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/25/20

We continue to screen each employee every day. We have taken some precautions with employees that have, so far, not resulted in any positive COVID-19 test results.

As we have reviewed our procedures, we have limited the access of visiting health professionals to urgent health care needs only.  We felt this necessary as those professionals frequent multiple health care locations and could easily carry the virus into our buildings.  Additionally, we are reminding everyone to remain vigilant in the basics:  handwashing, social distancing, etc. 

Despite physical distancing, our residents have not been cut off from social interactions.  Activities continue through the day, and have become very creative.  Be sure to follow Facebook to see what they are up to.  Residents do appreciate phone calls, video chats, hand written cards and letters.  If you need assistance connecting with your loved one, please contact your specific residence for assistance.

The residents and staff are doing well, but the weight of responsibility is large upon our associates.  Many thanks for the notes of appreciation that you have sent.  It truly boosts the spirits of our team.

Christopher Randall, CEO

COVID-19 UPDATE 3 /23/20

As we head into another week of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to make the residents and associates our top priority.   Over the weekend we tested our policies and internal notification systems and found that they are working effectively.  We continue to follow guidelines issued by federal, state, and local officials.

We are mindful that we are asking a lot of our associates.  Even though everyone else is required to shelter in place, our associates are considered “critical infrastructure workers" and not subject to that order.  As a thank you for their dedication, resilience, and the potential danger to their own health, we have increased their hourly wages while the shelter in place orders are in effect in each state.

Just as hospitals are preparing for the unknown, we are doing the same.  If you sew, we would appreciate your help making these face masks.   Once completed, please deliver to our drop off location near the front entrance. 

My faith in our collective ability to maneuver through crisis remains unshaken and we remain steadfast in our commitment to taking care of seniors. 

Christopher Randall, CEO

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/20/20

As the number of cases of COVID-19 increase we continue to be vigilant in our procedures.   In some locations, other senior living communities near us have confirmed cases, but NONE are in our buildings.  With each confirmed case in close proximity to a Randall Residence, we review our work force and our visiting medical professionals to identify any possible correlations that could be carriers of the virus. 

We have inventoried our Personnel Protective Equipment and are working with national and local suppliers to continue to strengthen our stock.  Hand sanitizer has become unavailable through normal purchasing channels, but several of our communities have found a new supplier – a brewery!

All Randall Residences are advertising for additional employees to add to our existing team of amazing associates.   We have truly been impressed by the team work and dedication of our employees.  We are grateful for their commitment, their creativity, and their love of seniors.

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/18/20

Residents and associates at all Randall Residence locations have settled into a new routine.  Associates and medical professional visitors are all screened prior to entry, and turned away when necessary.  Protocols continue to be tweaked, for example, in most cases mail delivery is done at the front door; package deliveries are made to a designated area outside the building (or in a vestibule); group activities are limited to small numbers, etc.

The dining experience has changed and varies by specific location (building layouts, eating assistance, etc all factor into the specific plans).  The common changes are staggered meal times, social distancing, and new dining locations.  For specific changes, contact the residence directly.  Our goal is to ensure health and safety while still allowing the residents to have a social opportunity.  Not only do we want to keep COVID-19 out of the buildings, we also want to keep depression at a minimum.

We continue to follow CDC and State guidelines and are preparing for the unknowns. 

Many of you have communicated words of appreciation for our associates and the dramatic measures we are taking.  We truly appreciate each message and it helps us get through each day.

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/16/20

Changes to policies are minimal today.  Our first few days have gone well and the systems are working properly. 

Here’s a review:

  • Residents will now have their temperature taken daily.  Anything over 100.4 will require immediate isolation and a call to their physician and designated contact.
  • We continue to screen employees and are taking the necessary steps to address any issues with signs and symptoms.
  • Any professional in the building will be required to give us their phone number in the case of an outbreak.
  • A communication plan is ready in the case of a positive test result in a building.
  • We are reviewing the possibility of closing dining rooms and delivering all meals to resident apartments (consideration is given to those who need assistance with eating). 

Additionally, we are looking at the possibility of canceling group activities. If you need assistance communicating with your loved one, please contact the residence and they will assist you with FaceTime/Skype/etc.

We continue to take guidance from the CDC and state regulatory agencies on these measures and will keep you informed of any changes.

COVID-19 UPDATE 3/13/20

Based on recommendations from government agencies we no longer allow ANY visitors.  If you have questions about this policy, see the Executive Director. We continue to screen all staff and healthcare workers upon entrance to the building, so that they can effectively provide the care that is necessary for the health and safety of our Residents.

Thank you for your understanding as we do everything we can to prevent the continued spread of COVID-19 and keep our seniors safe.