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Wiker Award:

White Oaks Employee Recognized for her Exemplary Care & Service

The Wiker Service Award was created in 2009 in memory of long-time Randall Residence employee, Dottie Wiker. Wiker worked for Randall Residence in Michigan for 25 years and was known for her attention to resident details and a constant smile. Employees from all eight of the Randall Residences (Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois) are eligible to be nominated for the award. In 2013, 57 employees were nominated for this award.

Nurse exemplifying what it means to provide excellent senior living care at Randall Residence.
The best assisted living and memory care provided by Randall Residence.

November 1, 2013. Randall Residence, owner and operator of White Oaks Assisted Living, presented the 2013 Wiker Service Award to Housekeeper Tammy DeFord on Wednesday, October 30. DeFord was nominated by her co-workers, family members, residents, and administration because of her kind, caring, hard-working and respectful attitude to the residents. Her constant smile and positive attitude make her pleasant to everyone she comes in contact with. Jason Burghart, Executive Director of White Oaks said of DeFord, “Tammy is an outstanding individual. She always comes to work ready to brighten everyone else’s day. She is incredible and an employee that I wish I could clone.”

“Tammy is an excellent recipient of the Wiker Service Award. This award recognizes employees for the dignity and respect they give to each resident, while promoting individuality,” said Chuck Randall, President of Randall Residence. He continued to say, “Tammy has a natural ability to connect with the residents on a personal level, has an encouraging spirit, and is loving in all the care that she provides.” A resident’s family described DeFord this way, “She treats the residents with respect while bringing warmth and humor into their lives.”

In 2013, 57 employees were nominated for this award. A trophy with DeFord’s name will remain on display at White Oaks for a year.

Two of the four Finalists were also from White Oaks. James Caldwell was recognized for treating each resident as a member of his own family and as a “master with the plunger”. One reason Olga Sustaita-Guerra was a finalist was summed up by an observer, “Olga paints residents nails, curls their hair, and applies make-up so each resident maintains their individuality."

The nominees for the 2013 award were:

Governor’s Pointe

  • Katelynn Breaux
  • Patty Carter
  • Kristen Funk
  • Margaret Harps
  • Darcy Morehouse

Governor’s Port

  • Angela Minich

Governor’s Village

  • Jacqueline Brooks
  • Kelli Dean
  • Colleen Discovich
  • Rita Finical
  • Kevin King
  • Candice Kocina
  • Stephanie Parker
  • Patrice Williams
  • Katherine Zagar

Villa at the Lake

  • Wendy Blood
  • Jessica Brainard
  • Jean Hazeltine
  • Kiersten Weidler
  • Doreen Wilcox



White Oaks

  • Patricia Barnes
  • James Caldwell
  • Kathleen Chisholm
  • Jessica Culver
  • Linda Douglas
  • Courtney Dudek
  • Renae Garrison
  • Kristina Hall
  • Janice Herrington
  • Melissa Huggins
  • Lynda Kitchen
  • Debra Korteway
  • Veronica McIntyre-Moon
  • Rebecca Mills
  • Robin Moser
  • Dixie Okun
  • Rebecca Payne
  • Britney Simcox
  • Heather Smith
  • Olga Sustaita-Guerra
  • Deborah Talmage
  • Ciarra Taylor
  • Joyce Trapp
  • Marti VanderGeest
  • Karen Vettese
  • Jennifer Washburn